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For Current Students:

Welcome from our Program Director: Dr. McCall

The Physician Scientist is a distinct and essential component of the health care and health sciences mission of the medical profession. The M.D. Ph.D. educational programs in this country have proven that these talented professionals can help offset the number of physician researchers. The unique perspective of the M.D. Ph.D. can lead the field of translational research by bridging the bedside, the population, and the ambulatory clinics with cutting edge bench-dependent and bench-independent biomedical investigations.

The M.D. Ph.D. program at Wake Forest University School of Medicine is young, relatively small, diverse, and excellent. It is a program governed for the students and by the students. The character traits of our students embody the principles of compassion, passion, perspicacity, energy embedded in a creative mind, and patience. Our students display a badge of pride without hubris, while facing a bright and fulfilling future.

We aim to foster graduates whose knowledge and experience are both broad and deep, who are emotionally intelligent, who honor the profession, and who can “think otherwise”.

How exciting it is to work with you and learn from you. I do not know exactly where you are going, but I know you are on your way. I will walk by your side through pain and gain. Thank you for coming our way, and we embrace your good fortune.


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