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Student Profiles:

Matt Schindler, MD, PhD

Matriculated: 2002

Graduate Program: Neuroscience


BA, Psychology and P-N-P (Philosophy-Neuroscience-Cognitive Psychology) 2001, Washington University, St. Louis, MO

Medical/ Graduate:
PhD, Neuroscience, 2008, Wake Forest University, Winston Salem, NC

MD, 2010, Wake Forest University, Winston Salem, NC

Internal medicine prelim/ primary - Yale - New Haven Hospital - New Haven, CT

Neurology - Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania - Philadelphia, PA

Neuroimmunology - National Institutes of Health - Bethesda, MD

CNS radiation therapy (RT) has proven successful in the treatment of brain tumors as well as prophylactic treatment for hematologic and metastatic cancers. Tragically, treatment induced side effects are commonplace and their mechanisms remain unclear. Late delayed cognitive side effects can occur months to years after RT with increased incidence correlated to increased age, dose, and volume treated. Classically, damage to oligodendrocyte and endothelial progenitor cells were blamed for the late delayed clinical sequalae. Rodent models suggest changes in neurons, endothelia, and glia may be responsible in an orchestrated response to injury. Understanding the mechanisms mediating the cellular response to radiation could ultimately provide the means for therapeutic intervention.

Advisor: Dr. David R. Riddle (dept. Neurobiology and Anatomy)

Society For Neuroscience Meeting 2005: "Unilateral Irradiation of the Rat Hippocampus Using the Leksell Gamma Knife."
Radiation Research Society Meeting 2006: "Assessing the effects of aging on radiation-induced brain injury"

Schindler MK, Hua K, Mcquail J, Forbes E, Riddle DR (in preparation) Radiation induced changes in microglia are age dependent and region specific.

Schindler MK, Bourland JD, Forbes ME, Hua K, Riddle DR (submitted). Low Dose Gamma Knife Irradiation of the Adult Rodent Hippocampus: in-field versus out-of-field effects are age dependent, Radiation Research.

Schindler MK, Forbes ME, Robbins ME, Riddle DR (2008) Aging-Dependent Changes in the Radiation Response of the Adult Rat Brain, International Journal of Radiation Oncology * Biology * Physics, March 70(3): 826-834.

David R. Riddle and Matthew K. Schindler (2007). Brain aging research. Reviews in Clinical Gerontology, Nov;17(4); 225-239.

Csernansky JG, Schindler MK, Splinter NR, Wang L, Gado M, Selemon LD, Rastogi-Cruz D, Posener JA, Thompson PA, Miller MI. Abnormalities of thalamic volume and shape in schizophrenia. Am J Psychiatry. 2004. May: 161(5): 896-902.

Constantino JN, Davis SA, Todd RD, Schindler MK, Gross MM, Brophy SL,Metzger LM, Shoushtari CS, Splinter R, Reich W. Validation of a brief quantitative measure of autistic traits: comparison of the social responsiveness scale with the autism diagnostic interview-revised. J Autism Dev Disord. 2003. Aug: 33(4): 427-33.

Schindler MK, Wang L, Selemon LD, Goldman-Rakic PS, Rakic P, Csernansky JG. Abnormalities of thalamic volume and shape detected in fetally irradiated rhesus monkeys with high dimensional brain mapping. Biol Psychiatry. 2002. May 15: 51(10): 827-37.

Honors and Awards:
Mary A. Bell Award - 1st place, poster presentation - Western North Carolina chp. of the Society for Neuroscience - 2005.
Mary A. Bell Award - 3rd place, poster presentation - Western North Carolina chp. of the Society for Neuroscience - 2006.
Radiation Research Society Scholar in Training Travel Award for RRS 54th Annual Meeting Boston, MA 2008

Professional Society Memberships:
Society For Neuroscience - student member (2005-present)
Western North Carolina Society For Neuroscience Chapter - student member (2005-present)
Radiation Research Society (2006-present)
American Academy of Neurologists - student member (2008-present)

Interests & Hobbies:
Sports, good food, good drinks, movies, books, rockband, my 2 dogs

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