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Student Profiles:

Lauren West-Livingston

Matriculated: 2015

Graduate Program: Molecular Medicine and Translational Science


B.A., Spanish Studies
Duke University, 2012

M.S., Biochemistry
UNC Greensboro, 2015

My dissertation research aims to construct a multi-functional vascular scaffold that elutes the appropriate factors in order to endothelialize in situ. The scaffold will be prepared through the biconjugation of endothelial cell (EC) and endothelial progenitor cell (EPC)- specific antibodies and anti-thrombogenic agents. The EC/EPC capturing capability of the engineered scaffold will be tested using a flow chamber system. Additionally, the scaffolds will be evaluated for their anti-thrombogenic properties, as well as their controlled released of platelet-derived growth factor with two B subunits (PDGF-BB). Once the scaffolds are adequately engineered, they will be further tested in vivo in a rat carotid arterial interposition model. The small animal model will provide information about the patency and structural integrity of the vascular scaffold, as well as itís propensity for in situ endothelialization and smooth muscle cell infiltration. The retrieved scaffolds will be analyzed using contractility assays, calcium imaging, and electrophysiology. This project will evaluate the utility of in situ vascular tissue engineering to provide platform technologies for rehabilitation of patients recovering from severe and devastating cardiovascular diseases.

Microaggressions in Medical Education: Scenarios. Region IV Student National Medical Association Regional Medical Education Conference. November 2016.

Assessing Cultural Awareness, Unconscious Bias, and Peer-Peer Microaggressions in Medical Education. Skin of Color Society Symposium. March 2017.

Assessing Cultural Awareness, Unconscious Bias, and Peer-Peer Microaggressions in Medical Education. North Carolina Health Alliance for Health Professions Diversity Conference. March 2017.

West, Lauren. "Nutritional manipulation of HIV/AIDS: the effects of ergothioneine and cultural complementary and alternative medicines on HIV." UNC Greensboro Master's Thesis. 2015

Amirehsani, Karen A., Jie Hu, Debra C. Wallace, Zulema A. Silva, Sarah Dick, Lauren N. West-Livingston, and Christina R. Hussami. "US Healthcare Experiences of Hispanic Patients with Diabetes and Family Members: A Qualitative Analysis." Journal of Community Health Nursing 34, no. 3 (2017): 126-135.

Honors and Awards:
R.W. Prichard History of Medicine Award. 2017.

Second Place - Poster Competition at 2017 NC Alliance for Health Professions Diversity Conference. 2017.

First Place - Health Sciences Category for UNC Greensboro Graduate Research and Creativity Expo. 2015.

Professional Society Memberships:
Student National Medical Association.

American Medical Association.

Latino Medical Student Association.

Skin of Color Society.

Interests & Hobbies:
Rap, hip-hop, music production, poetry, drawing, painting, social justice initiatives and community engagement, medical education, STEM education outreach, tutoring and mentoring, interior design, home decor, baking, and cooking.

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