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Greg Alberto, PhD

Matriculated: 2011

Graduate Program: Neuroscience


Wake Forest University; Bachelor of Science, Magna cum laude with Honors in Biology and Neuroscience

Wake Forest University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences; PhD in Neuroscience

My interests lie primarily in the rhythms of the brain, as the neuroscientist G. Buzsaki puts it in his opening line to the book Rhythms of the Brain, "...brains are foretelling devices and their predictive powers emerge from the various rhythms they perpetually generate." To investigate the intriguing phenomenon of neural oscillations, I have chosen to focus my research in the field of epilepsy which can be simply described as pathological synchronization of brain rhythms accompanied by clinical seizures. There are many ways to study epilepsy and I am currently using magnetoencephalography (MEG) for this pursuit. MEG is an advanced physiologic recording technique that allows for the detection of minute fluctuations in the magnetic fields generated by a person's brain. Furthermore, MEG allows for precise spatial resolution, using magnetic source imaging (MSI), to localize the source of activity within the brain volume. The combination of high temporal and spatial resolution afforded by MEG with MSI represents, to me, an unprecedented opportunity to investigate the function of neural oscillations in the context of epilepsy; including what events lead to the initiation, spread, and termination of seizure-like brain activity.

Invited speaker at the Symposium for Young Neuroscientists and Professors of the Southeast (SYNAPSE). Regulation of adipokinetic hormone (AKH) release by neuropeptide transmitters in Drosophila. 2010.

Poster presentation at Medical Student Research Day, "A Novel Method for Developing and Dxamining Functional
Brain Networks with Magnetoencephalography for Translational Neuroscience." 2012.

Braco, J; Gillespie, E; Alberto, G; et. al. "Energy-dependent modulation of glucagon-like signaling in Drosophila via the AMP-activated protein kinase". Genetics. 2012, 192:457-466.

Honors and Awards:
Carolina Biological Research Student of the Year. 2011

Florence Robinson Neuroscience Student Award. 2011

Professional Society Memberships:
American Clinical MEG Society

Interests & Hobbies:
I am interested in philosophy, music, art(performing and visual), current events(not pop-culture), science(of course), and sports of all kinds. My hobbies include writing, rock climbing, biking, standard R&R stuff, and I love to enjoy time with those closest to me.

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