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Greg Riedlinger, MD, PhD

Matriculated: 2002

Graduate Program: Cancer Biology


M.D. Wake Forest University School of Medicine
Ph.D. (Cancer Biology) Wake Forest University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
B.S. (Biochemistry) University of Maryland

Residency: Pathology, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD

Recently described SR/CR cancer-resistant (CR) mice possess a unique trait of highly effective resistance to cancers, yet remain healthy, possibly with a prolonged lifespan (Cui, et al., 2003). This genetically-defined, dominant trait is mediated by leukocytes of innate immunity without any prior manipulation and can also be transferred to sensitive mice for cancer prevention and treatment (Hicks, et al., 2006). The anticancer activity elaborated by leukocytes is effective against multiple types of cancer cells at exceptionally high doses, as well as endogenous mouse cancers. My current research involves microarrays and conventional biochemical techniques to understand the molecular mechanisms behind this cancer resistance.

Hicks AM, Riedlinger G, Willingham MC, Alexander-Miller MA, Von Kap-Herr C,
Pettenati MJ, Sanders AM, Weir HM, Du W, Kim J, Simpson AJG, Old LJ, Cui Z. 2006. Transferable anticancer innate immunity in spontaneous regression/complete resistance mice. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences U S A 103, 7753-8.

Cui Y, Riedlinger G, Miyoshi K, Tang W, Li C, Deng CX, Robinson GW,Hennighausen L. 2004. Inactivation of Stat5 in mouse mammary epithelium during pregnancy reveals distinct functions in cell proliferation, survival and differentiation.Molecular & Cellular Biology. 24, 8037-47

Wagner KU, Krempler A, Qi Y, Park K, Henry MD, Triplett AA, Riedlinger G, Rucker III EB, Hennighausen L. 2003. Tsg101 is essential for cell growth, proliferation, and cell survival of embryonic and adult tissues. Molecular & Cellular Biology. 23, 150-62.

Le Provost F., Riedlinger G, Yim SH, Benedict J, Gonzalez FJ, Flaws JA,
Hennighausen L. 2002. The aryl hydrocarbon receptor (AhR) and its nuclear
translocator (Arnt) are dispensable for normal mammary gland development,
but are required for fertility. Genesis. 32, 231-9.

Riedlinger G, Okagaki R, Wagner KU, Rucker EB 3rd, Oka T, Miyoshi K,
Flaws JA, Hennighausen L. 2002. Bcl-x is not required for the maintenance
of follicles and the corpus luteum in the postnatal mouse ovary. Biology of
Reproduction. 66, 438-44.

Miyoshi K, Cui Y, Riedlinger G, Robinson P, Lehoczky J, Zon L, Oka T,
Dewar K, Hennighausen L. 2001. Structure of the mouse Stat3/5 locus:
evolution from drosophila to zebrafish to mouse. Genomics. 71, 150-5.

Wagner KU, Claudio E, Rucker EB 3rd, Riedlinger G, Broussard C,
Schwartzberg PL, Siebenlist U, Hennighausen L. 2000. Conditional deletion
of the Bcl-x gene from erythroid cells results in hemolytic anemia and profound splenomegaly. Development. 127, 4949-58.

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