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Student Profiles:

Dino Massoglia, MD, PhD

Matriculated: 1997

Graduate Program: Neurobiology and Anatomy


M.D. 2005 Wake Forest University School of Medicine
Ph.D. 2003 Wake Forest University School of Medicine Neuroscience
M.S. 1997 University of Maryland Zoology
B.S. 1995 University of Maryland Biology

Residency Program:
Diagnostic Radiology, University of Maryland
Neuroradiology, Duke University

Currently, I am finishing my neuroradiology fellowship at Duke University in June of 2011. In July my family and I will move once again. This time, we are relocating to Charleston, SC where I will be working full-time as the Neuroradiologist at the VA in downtown Charleston.

I hope to continue aspects of my research in coordination with the VA and MUSC. Additionally, I look forward to helping provide quality radiology and medical care for our veterans in the low country.

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Massoglia, DP. (2007) A tale of two ERs. Guest Editorial. Applied Radiology 36(12):6:8.

Honors and Awards:
2008-2009 RSNA Editorial Fellowship Trainee Award
2009 AFIP Best Case Presentation
2007 Introduction to Academic Research Trainee (RSNA/AUR/ARRS)
2005 Robert L. Pritchard History of Medicine Award.
“Modern Phrenology: what lessons can Modern Neuroscience learn from Phrenology?”
2003 Association of University Professors in Neurology/ National Institute of Neurologic Disorders and Stroke Award.
2003-2005 Neuromorphic Engineering Education Research Award

Professional Society Memberships:
Radiological Society of America
American Roengten Ray Society
American Society of Neuroradiology
American College of Radiology

Interests & Hobbies:
Travelling, cooking, quality time with the family.

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